​I have started drawing the comic again!!

​I am currently building up a small reserve of pages (seven, so far) and plan to start publishing the comic again in January!


Comic: The Year Everything Changed.

The Year Everything Changed.

This is the story of a young girl named Megan who accidently

moves though a dimensional gateway into a parallel world

which is almost identical to her own, except in this world there

is a sinister cult figure who thinks she is his nemesis and has

been searching for her for the last five years. Now Megan has

arrived. With her is this new world's version of her old friend,

Amy, and the two girls will attempt to find a way to get Megan

back to her old world and to also find a way to bring back the

Megan who belongs in Amy's world. 

A serialized Web-comic. Story & Art by Charles Schiman

​​All twenty-five chapters of the story are

​available in pdf form from the Free Chapter Pdf Page of this website! ​They will continue to be available until the end of March 2018.

​Download them by saving the pdf to your desktop. From there, you can read them at anytime or you can print them out on paper and make your own permanent hard copy paperback version of the entire graphic novel story!

​In Color!